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In 1937, under an act of Congress, the Federal Housing Administration was established to provide American families with a unique opportunity to become homeowners. Before that, a home buyer's options were limited only to short term loans ranging from one to five years in term. Borrowers had to put as much as 40% to 50% down on the property and pay off the entire loan balance by the end of the term. FHA revolutionized the mortgage industry at the time by offering the 30-year mortgage and made the possibility of homeownership available to Americans nationwide. Throughout the years, a variety of programs have continued to make homeownership easier and more affordable to Americans.

There are several notable FHA home loan programs available.

  • Standard fixed rate (FHA 203b)

  • FHA adjustable rate mortgage (FHA 251)

  • FHA 2-1 buy-down (FHA 203b, FHA 251)

  • Energy Efficient Mortgages Program

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